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Company Founder

Vikram Budhraja


Mr. Budhraja heads Electric Power Group as its President. He was formerly at Edison International in senior executive positions, including: President, Edison Technology Solutions; Senior Vice President and Head of Power Grid Business Unit, Southern California Edison; Vice President, System Planning, Fuels and Operations, Southern California Edison. Mr. Budhraja has extensive experience in power systems planning and operations, electric industry restructuring, reliability management, new ventures and technologies.

Meet Our Team

Krish Narendra

Krish Narendra, Ph.D, is the COO and Technology Lead of EPG. Krish joined EPG in September 2017, and brings over 27 years of experience in power system protection, monitoring, control and analysis. Krish is an internationally recognized expert in power systems protection, monitoring and control. Krish’s vision is to leverage his expertise and extend and expand EPG’s industry leading portfolio for real time grid monitoring, visualization and analytics to address industry needs for asset health

monitoring, digital solutions for power grid automation, and control. Krish’ s skills span power systems disturbance analysis, protection, synchro phasor technology (PMUs), micro grid protection, sub-harmonics in power systems, SSR (sub synchronous resonance), Ferro- resonance, HVDC controls, neural networks, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, and the application of IEC 61850 protocols for digital substation protection and control. His expertise in innovative design; commercialization of protective relays and disturbance monitoring recorders; use of advanced digital signal processing technologies on embedded systems; and in Windows development environments makes him uniquely skilled to lead the convergence of real time grid security, analytics; asset health and automation. Prior to joining EPG, Krish was the CTO and Board Member of ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd. of Canada. Krish has published over 40 papers in various IEEE/IEC journals and conferences, and is an innovator holding several patents. He is a valued IEEE member for over 15 years and an active participant in the IEEE PRSC working groups, a member of the PRTT of NASPI, a member of the CIGRE C4-B5 working group and NERC SMS committee.

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Ken Martin

Ken Martin is a Synchrophasor Technology Leader and Senior Principal Engineer. Ken has over 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry. He has extensive experience with SCADA and time-synchronized phasor data collection and use, including collection, system communications, system architecture and design, and applications for protection, control, monitoring, data management and display. Ken's work covers instrumentation and measurement systems for research, test, validation and controls.

Simon Mo

Jianzhong (Simon) Mo is the CTO Technology and Development and is responsible for design, architecture and development of EPG applications. He is an expert in advanced visualization technologies and interfaces with stakeholders on requirements, technologies, and development. Since 2002, he has been involving in architect, design, and implementation of Real-time Dynamics Monitoring System (RTDMS) which is now in third generation and expanding from

real-time monitoring and visualization to synchrophasor based EMS by integrating Linear State Estimator and One-line diagram. He architected and implemented a high performance data concentrator (ePDC) which can handle hundreds of input PMU/PDC streams and tens of output streams in a single instance. He designed the relational database Phasor Archiver for synchrophasor data which is very fast to write and very efficient on disk usage without compression. He also serves as the head of development team. He manages the development process through Agile methodology and tools for issue tracking, source control, code review, automated build, and continuous integration. In addition, he actively involved/involves in research projects for DoE, ISOs and Utilities about data validation, data conditioning, state estimation, system simulation & training, and advanced visualization. Recently he is working on highly available highly scalable Cloud solution for synchrophasor applications & analytics to accommodate ever expending PMU network. He is also working on system extendibility across multi-platform multi-language through established standards such as ICCP and other simple to use protocols based on latest software technologies. He joined EPG in 2002. Before that he was a senior software engineer at a startup company working on 2D/3D graphic imaging for mobile devices. Prior to that, he was a post-doctoral researcher at University of Wisconsin Madison working on Virtual Reality and CAD/CAM. He resides in Los Angeles area.

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Frank Carrera

Frank Carrera is a Vice President – Customer Accounts and works in the area of Synchrophasor Product Solutions for Electric Power Group. Frank has extensive experience in deploying, implementing, trouble-shooting, and training clients on synchrophasor products developed by EPG. He has worked with clients throughout the United States and abroad to collect phasor data using EPG's enhanced Phasor Data Concentrator (ePDC), visualize and monitor phasor data at

a wide-area level using Real-Time Dynamics Monitoring System (RTDMS), analyze phasor data using Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer (PGDA) and store phasor data in full fidelity using Phasor Archiver. Frank's background is in IT solutions and includes application development, database administration, network administration, and server administration, and Network Architecture and Design. Frank received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Cal Poly Pomona.

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Neeraj Nayak

Neeraj Nayak is a Senior Power Systems Engineer and has over 5 years of experience in Synchrophasor Technology – research, design, development, training and support. He is involved in research and development related to real-time contingency analysis, generator model validation, oscillation analysis and monitoring, phasor simulations for operator training, synchrophasor training etc. He has Master’s degree from University of Southern California (USC) with focus on power systems

analysis and design, protection and impact of renewable energy on the power grid.

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Iknoor Singh

Iknoor Singh is Power Systems Engineer and Customer Account Manager and is responsible for power system simulations for use in operator training, analysis, and research and development of synchrophasor applications. . He is involved in studies for setting grid alarm limits for use with synchrophasor metrics utilizing SCADA data, assessing data quality and research and development for advanced visualization of the Real Time Dynamics Monitoring System

and Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer. He is currently working on phasor simulations of the Southern California Edison (SCE) grid for use to train operators on using synchrophasor technology. Previously, he worked as a power plant layout engineer at Siemens, India. Iknoor joined EPG after completing his MS in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, Tempe. His MS thesis focused on effect of increased renewable resource penetration on power system stability.

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Backer Abu-Jaradeh

Backer Abu-Jaradeh is Director of Synchrophasor Technology and Engineering at Electric Power Group, with wide experience in the field of Power System Operations at the transmission level. Backer who is a licensed Professional Engineer, was formerly a NERC certified Real-Time Operations Engineer at California Independent System Operator (CAISO),providing leadership as a technical advisor,

side-by-side with grid operators. Prior to joining California ISO, Backer managed the implementation of synchrophasor projects at Southern California Edison, starting from research and demonstration projects for Phasor Measurement Units at the substation level, all the way to implementing advanced Analytics applications at the production level to introduce synchrophasor technology to control centers.

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Joshua Chynoweth

Joshua Chynoweth, PhD is an Applications and Research Engineer for Electric Power Group. He is currently developing algorithms to extract substation hardware failure signatures from PMU data. He is also a customer support manager for EPG WAMS products including ePDC, RTDMS, and PGDA and can provide training in both English and Spanish. Joshua Chynoweth has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and has extensive expertise in

controls and smart grid technology and over 10 years of multidisciplinary work experience in engineering, researcher, design, supply chain, project management and leadership.

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Song Xue

Song Xue is a Senior Engineer - Power System Analytics of Electric Power Group. She joined EPG in 2004 and is responsible for research, analyzing and identifying North American Interconnections load-generation control adequacy performance for the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS), North America Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). She has been involved in Synchrophasor System Data

Baselining and Analysis for both Eastern interconnection and ERCOT interconnection.

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Ajay Das

Ajay Das is a Q/A Manager of Support and has extensive experience in the areas of scientific programming, statistical data analysis, and designing data-centered graphics and visualization systems. At Electric Power Group, he has performed various long term Phasor data analysis for projects involving baselining synchrophasor data and performing event analysis for Eastern, Western and ERCOT Interconnections. Ajay is also responsible for research, design and development of software

applications. He has worked on design and development of Synchrophasor data visualization and analysis application such as Real Time Dynamics Monitoring System (RTDMS) and Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer (PGDA) and other applications used by reliability coordinators and ISOs/RTOs such as ACE-Frequency Monitoring (Resource Adequacy) application, and Frequency Monitoring and Analysis (FMA) application.

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Wenyun Ju

Wenyun (Mike) Ju is a Power System Engineer. Wenyun joined EPG in October 2018. He is mainly involved in research and development related to real-time wide area monitoring with synchrophasor data. He is currently working on the projects of area angle monitoring, generator model validation, and oscillation source locating. He obtained the Ph.D. degree from Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in August 2018, supervised by

Prof. Kai Sun. His dissertation was focused on modeling, simulation, and analysis of cascading failures. His research interests include synchrophasor, cascading failure, vulnerability assessment, power system stability, demand response, and machine learning.

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Vikram Chiluka

Vikram Chiluka is an Associate power systems engineer and received his Master’s in power systems from Iowa state university. At EPG, he is the product manager of Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer (PGDA). He is also involved with training the operators and engineers in the use of synchrophasor software. He is also responsible for research, design and testing of synchrophasor applications. Currently, he is involved in the studies and implementation of Oscillation Source location in Real Time

Dynamics Monitoring Systems (RTDMS).

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Horacio Silva-Saravia

Horacio is a Power Systems Engineer at EPG. He joined EPG in September 2019 after obtaining the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in August 2019. He is mainly involved in research and development related to real-time wide area monitoring with synchrophasor data, and customer support/business development with Spanish speaking customers outside the US. He is currently working on implementations and enhancements for linear state estimation, substation secondary asset health monitoring, oscillations monitoring, and offline analysis.

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Anubhav Nath

Anubhav Nath is a Power Systems Application Engineer with Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University focused on applications of machine learning for Dynamic Security Assessment under Renewable Generation. At EPG, Anubhav works in Quality Assurance and Support of EPG software products such as RTDMS, eGENS, and iTAM.

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Mahesh Shamaiah

Mahesh Shamaiah is a Senior Software Engineer and Data Base Specialist and has a Master's of Technology degree in Software Engineering from National University of Singapore and is a certified Microsoft professional. Mahesh has extensive experience in Microsoft & Java technologies. At EPG, he is involved in implementing real time dynamic monitoring system of electric grids, alarms, and events to the ISO operators. He is responsible for working with the Application

Services and other Infrastructure Services groups to plan and execute integration strategies. He has expertise on databases (Oracle & Microsoft SQL Server) and is responsible in storing/retrieving the real-time data streams, archiving and analysis of big data sets, configuration, monitoring, maintenance and security of databases.

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Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar is a Senior Software Engineer and has over 9 years of experience in Design, Development and maintenances of SynchroPhasor and Wide Area Monitoring based software application and specifications. He is also expertise in IEEE Standards for power system. At EPG he is let and responsible for development of various power system application and utilities. He did his electronics and communication engineering in Anna University 2005.

Lusine Avetisyan

Lusine Avetisyan is a Software Engineer with a Master's degree in Information Technology from State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA). She has worked as a Software Engineer for the past 6 years using C++ and Objective C. At EPG, Lusine is working with the team to develop and maintain RTDMS and its supporting applications

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Lubo Zhou

Lubo Zhou is a Software Engineer with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. He works on Design, Development and maintenances of SynchroPhasor and Analysis related software and applications, including PGDA, ESAMS and AEM.

Guangrui Liu

Guangrui Liu is a Senior Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in web-based applications development. At EPG, he is responsible for designing and developing front-end applications, including web-based products and Client/Server products. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Beijing University of Technology in 2011, and gained his M.S. in Computer Science from Texas AM University – Corpus Christ in 2017.

Hernaldo Watler

Hernaldo Watler is a Customer Support Engineer and has an extensive background in IT systems. At EPG, Hernaldo is responsible for deploying software applications at customer locations. He assists customers trouble-shooting issues as they arise, and responds to customer queries directly. He maintains EPG’s software distribution process and manages several of EPG’s websites and cloud solutions. Hernaldo also works on EPG’s NERC projects and assists users with accessing and

using the NERC applications provided by EPG. Hernaldo received his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree from California State University, Northridge.

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Prithiviraj Mahendran

Prithiviraj Mahendran is a Senior Software Developer and has a Master's degree in Management Information Systems. He is Microsoft Certified Professional in .Net Framework 4.0 and SQL Server 2008. He has experience working in web and windows based applications using .Net technologies. At EPG he is responsible for development and maintenance of real time monitoring systems and its supporting application.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh is a Software Engineer and Database Administrator. He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and Management with concentration in business intelligence and data analytics from The University of Texas at Dallas and is a certified Microsoft Professional. At EPG, he is responsible for maintaining SQL Server databases on VM’s, migrate and upgrading them, disk storage management, backup/recovery, providing HA & DR solutions to the customers.

Sausoon Abedian

Sausoon Abedian is a Software Engineer with a Master of Science degree in Computer Software. He works with EPG developers on design, development, and maintenances of EPG software applications such as RTDMS, eGENS, and our enhanced Linear State Estimator (eLSE). Prior to joining EPG, Sausoon worked as a developer for various companies to build new applications, and make existing applications compliant with the Americans Disabilities Act.

Lupe Garcia

Lupe has been with Electric Power Group, LLC since start of operations in 2000. Lupe is responsible for:

. Management of Contracts
. Project Administration
. Accounts Receivables and Payables
. Research
. Human Resources
. Office Management

Lupe was formerly at Southern California Edison and worked in a variety of administrative and executive support functions.

Nancy Kosareff

Nancy Kosareff has been with Electric Power Group since 2004. Nancy fields inquiries and provides administrative support to the EPG team.

Vicki Swartz

Vicki handles contract management, budgeting, and administration functions for EPG clients and Projects since 2019.

About EPG

Electric Power Group, LLC (EPG) has been pioneering the development and deployment of synchro-phasor technologies since 2000. Our principals have extensive experience in running and managing utility grids, investigating root causes of major blackouts (WECC 1996, EI 2003), and leveraging this deep domain knowledge to develop industry leading synchrophasor technology applications for wide area real time monitoring, visualization and situational awareness.

The EPG team has extensive hands-on experience with synchrophasor standards, networks, system architecture, deployments and performance analysis through work at EPG for leading ISO's and utilities including PJM, NYISO, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO, BPA, TVA, SCE, AEP, LADWP, SRP, Duke, Dominion, NYPA and other companies.