Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer

Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer is an offline data analytics tool enabling planners and engineers to perform detailed analysis on power system disturbance, dynamics and validate accuracy of models. PGDA uses state-of-the-art algorithms such as Prony, Yule Walker Spectral, HTLS and Matrix Pencil for oscillation detection and NERC standards to calculate frequency response following a unit trip disturbance.

Use Cases of PGDA

Generator Frequency Response Analysis

NERC approved technique used by engineers in ISOs and BAs to calculate Frequency Response following a unit trip event for NERC compliance. PGDA calculates

  •   Inertial Frequency Response
  •   Primary Frequency Response

Key Features

  • Multiple Data Sources and Formats

  • CSV Files, Comtrade, DST, PI Historian, RTDMS Database, PMU Data, DFR Data, Simulated Data
  • Bad Data Detection and Filtering

  • PGDA provides capability to detect bad data and use filters like quality filter, stale filter, outlier filter and pass filters to clean the data
  • Statistical Analysis

  • PGDA performs Statistical Analysis to identify and locate hidden events for long term datasets
  • Data Manipulation

  • PGDA Includes data manipulation options like resampling, interpolation, un-wrapping, normalizing, de-trending and differentiation
  • Reporting

  • PGDA automatically generates comprehensive reports of all the analysis performed for easy sharing and review
  • Event Templates and Pseudo Signals

  • Event PGDA can create Event Templates for repeating analysis procedures in a short amount of time. PGDA allows creating Pseudo signals from different metrics

About EPG

Electric Power Group, LLC (EPG) has been pioneering the development and deployment of synchro-phasor technologies since 2000. Our principals have extensive experience in running and managing utility grids, investigating root causes of major blackouts (WECC 1996, EI 2003), and leveraging this deep domain knowledge to develop industry leading synchrophasor technology applications for wide area real time monitoring, visualization and situational awareness.

The EPG team has extensive hands-on experience with synchrophasor standards, networks, system architecture, deployments and performance analysis through work at EPG for leading ISO's and utilities including PJM, NYISO, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO, BPA, TVA, SCE, AEP, LADWP, SRP, Duke, Dominion, NYPA and other companies.