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EPG provides extensive user and support personnel training. Training is delivered remotely via WebEx, and on-site with hands-on training exercises. The training courses for RTDMS and PGDA have been approved by NERC for Continuing Education Credit. The onsite "hands on" training for RTDMS is usually a one or two-day training session including training on application usage and system events. EPG has an extensive library of synchrophasor training courses. The course library is presented below.

# EPG Synchrophasor Course Library Duration
1 System and Documentation (2 courses)
SS1: Synchrophasor System Overview (0.50 day course)
SS2: Synchrophasor System Documentation (0.50 day course)
1 day
2 Power Systems Analysis (2 courses)
PSA1: PDGA Power Systems Analysis Applications (0.50 day course)
PSA2: Advanced PGDA Training (1.50 day course)
2 days
3 Real Time Power Systems Monitoring (4 courses)
RTS201: Real Time Monitoring with RTDMS (1 day course)
RTS202: Real Time Monitoring with RTDMS (Advanced Users) (1.50 day course)
RTS203: RTDMS Configuration (1.50 day course)
RTS204: RTDMS Management and Adminstration (0.50 day course)
4.5 days
4 Environment and Architecture (Hardware and Software) (2 courses)
EP1: Environment, Hardware and Networking (1 day course)
EP2: Environment, Software, Database and Architecture (1 day course)
2 days
5 Phasor Data Concentrator and Data Quality(2 courses)
PDC101: ePDC (1 day course)
PDC102: Data Quality Algorithms and Applications(1 day course)
2 days
6 Development Tools and API's (2 courses)
API1: Inteligent Synchrophasor Gateway (ISG) SDK Overview (0.50 day course)
API2: Synchrophasor Distribution Service SDK (0.50 day course)
1 day
7 PSOT Training Tools (1 course)
PSOT Introduction and Use Case Examples(1 day course)
1 day

About EPG

Electric Power Group, LLC (EPG) has been pioneering the development and deployment of synchro-phasor technologies since 2000. Our principals have extensive experience in running and managing utility grids, investigating root causes of major blackouts (WECC 1996, EI 2003), and leveraging this deep domain knowledge to develop industry leading synchrophasor technology applications for wide area real time monitoring, visualization and situational awareness.

The EPG team has extensive hands-on experience with synchrophasor standards, networks, system architecture, deployments and performance analysis through work at EPG for leading ISO's and utilities including PJM, NYISO, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO, BPA, TVA, SCE, AEP, LADWP, SRP, Duke, Dominion, NYPA and other companies.