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EPG Team is led by Vikram Budhraja and includes John Ballance, Jim Dyer, Carlos Martinez, Romulo Barreno, Manu Parashar, Martha Martinez, Jaime Medina, Joe Coroas, and Jim Terpening.


Electric Power Group provides management and strategic services to power technology companies, start-ups and new ventures targeting the electric power industry. Our services include:

Grid Operations and Management

Reliability Standards

Control Area and Control Center Operations

Reliability Audits


System Assessments

Wide Area Reliability Monitoring

Projects / Experience  
Reliable operation of the electric power grid is critical to the U.S. Economy. In recent years there has been an increasing incidence of major power outages, for example:  

Eastern Interconnection Blackout in August 2003

  Multiple outages in 1999 in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, New England, Delmarva, New Jersey, Long Island and South Central States
  MAPP break up in 1998
  San Francisco outage in 1998
  Minnesota-Wisconsin separation in 1997
  Western Systems Coordinating Council (WSCC) system breakup in 1996  

These incidents have raised significant policy concerns about the adequacy of tools, systems, processes, communications, equipment, training, and standards for assuring reliable operation of the power grid.  EPG team has extensive experience in system reliability including review of operations, assessment of tools, technologies and systems; training; and analysis of power outages and system vulnerabilities.  EPG team projects and experience includes:


Post Outage Study Team (POST) established by Department of Energy to investigate the outages that occurred in the U.S. in 1999

  August 14, 2003 Eastern Interconnection Blackout Investigations in support of the U.S. – Canadian Power Systems Outage Task Force and North American Electric Reliability Council
  North American Electric Reliability Council projects on reliability standards and real-time ACE-Frequency monitoring
  Development of Reliability Solutions and Technologies for grid performance monitoring include ACE, Frequency, Voltage, System Dynamics Using Phasors, Ancillary Services, and Suppliers Performance
  Development of WECC’s Reliability Management System implementing mandatory rules for reliability management  

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